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About Me

Hi All,

I’ve loved classic movies since I was a little kid watching them with my dad. I didn’t quite understand them but I was compelled to keep watching for the pretty ladies and handsome men wearing great clothes, talking gangster or living on swanky Park Avenue. I loved the thirties glam deco style penthouses and immediately decided I would live in New York City and have one of those digs someday.  I’d dress in the fabulous lounging gowns and foo foo three inch heeled slippers. Well I moved to NYC and I have been here since I was twenty. So far no penthouse, no glam lounging Pj’s and Gowns and definitely NO FOO FOO slippers.

I moved to Hells Kitchen before it became trendy AND EXPENSIVE. Families lived in apartments they had for years. I had a friend named “Shorty” yes, he was short. He was the first person to tell me I had nice gams. He spoke the lingo of the forties and fifties. I adored him and the many incredible characters I met when I first arrived in the city. They were colorful and fun and took me in like I was family.  So instead of Park Avenue I was Ninth Avenue. I had many happy times with those peeps. Yah, see..

My true joy came when Turner Classic movies became a channel with all the old movies, best part NO Commercials and the very beloved Robert Osborne, who has left us for the glorious movies on the other side. He had limitless info on behind the scenes and I called him my comfort man. When the world seemed overwhelming I would turn on TCM and see his face and hear his soothing voice that brought me into another fabulous film. I was at peace.

So now I’m going to write about some of my favorite films and classic actresses and actors. This will be great fun for me and I hope you too.